Time to wake up this mighty little girl inside so you create the life that you deserve!

From the heart of Sylvia Kornas
Transformation & Mindset Coach
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Hey there!

I am writing to you as I feel a deep desire to share with you, why, despite all the achievements in your life, you might be feeling stuck or empty inside, experiencing negative self-talk and living in fear of uncertainty, and to assure you that there is a way of breaking free from your current ways of thinking.

This is something that I have tried on myself and on hundreds of amazing ladies that I had a privilege to work with...

So, if you are a woman that, just like me, that dreams BIG, never gives up, is ready to experience more...

This letter will change the direction of your life.


And you may wonder, how?



What if I would tell you that there is a way of going beyond your current limitations so you can start to feel in control over your own life?

What if you can stop being afraid to set big goals because you don’t want to feel disappointed when you don't reach them?

What if you can experience life with ease, joy, and glory, waking up every day feeling alive and excited about how you will spend it?

What if you can remove the confusion and fog from your mind so you can overcome your fears, gain clarity and start to live your true purpose?

What if you can stop comparing yourself to others, quiet the negative voice inside of you, and turn it into a positive dialog that will encourage you to go after all that you truly want?

Hi, I'm Sylvia Kornas.
Guide for women that desire to live a more authentic and meaningful life, a life without fears, doubts, or worries; full of ambitions, clarity and fulfillment.



I work with amazing ladies from all walks of life that want to gain back control and improve results in all areas of their lives, but most importantly, rebuild a beautiful relationship with themselves.

It took me a while to understand that everything that happens in our life is a result of our thinking.

It's not the external circumstances. It's not the economy. 

It's YOU.

The only way to improve your results, whether it's finances, relationships, fitness, or general well-being, is that you have to take full responsibility for your life.

To prove this point to you, here are some of the testimonials from my beautiful clients that decided to join me for an exciting journey of self-discovery in the Seeking Greatness Academy.


Fiona went from an unfulfilled office worker, commuting to work 4 hours every day to quitting her day job, building her own purpose-driven business, tripling her income, creating multiple streams of income, and living a fulfilled life.

San went from staying at home mother, with no second or college education, not feeling good enough, to becoming an author of children’s and poetry books, being published in national newspapers, and feeling confident about herself, all in less than a year!

Wendy went from being a public sector employee to running her own health and well-being essential oils business, her customer numbers more than doubled & she achieved Gold rank & leader in just 6mths. Her family relationships greatly benefited from this transformation.

And these are only a few success stories that my fabulous clients create for themselves, by following the simple process.

But, the truth is that...



It took me 12 years of personal experiences to realize that there is more to life...



I was born in a middle-class family where the only way to have a good life is to go to college, work hard, get a government job, and I will be set for life...

That led me to be stuck for 12 years, unfulfilled and unhappy at a highly paid corporate job. No days off, working 14 hour days, pressure from my bosses, living in constant stress.

That could not end in any other way.

I've got sick. My doctors told me I would never be a mother. I had to accept the idea that stage four endometriosis is what I will have to live with forever.

When Alex was born, doctors could not believe what has happened.

No medications, no IVF. They called it a miracle.

But I know exactly what I have done.

I am aware of the unlimited power that we all have deep inside of us to create life exactly as we want.

Even if the circumstances telling you otherwise, there is so much more than you understand right now.



You become what you think about.



The problem is that we rarely think about what we want to create in life.

Maybe you don't believe you can create a better, calmer life for yourself, full of excitement and joy.

But have you actually thought about where this belief comes from?

The truth is that everything that you do in life comes from your own set of beliefs, habits, and self-image.

You do everything in life as a result of how you think. The primary cause.

How you think comes from your Paradigm - Your internal software.

And the beautiful thing is, that...



You can change.



And this is the only way to truly experience life, exactly as you want.

After years of struggles and lack of clarity, I finally understood where I was going wrong in life.

I was gathering a lot of knowledge, two business degrees, courses, Youtube, you name it, I did it.

I was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. However, I still felt confused and had no results.

Only when I understood how my mind operates, I was able to direct all my attention towards what I want my life to be.



And I want the same for you.



Everything that you need in order to create a dream life, full of joy and happiness, clarity and direction, is already here, deep inside of you.

You simply have to become aware of who you truly are.

And I don't want you to go the difficult path of figuring it all out by yourself.

I've been there and done that.

Everything that you dream of in life starts in your thinking.



Years of studies and application led me to:

Understanding how our mind functions on a deep subconscious level

Helping to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with Universal Laws to create ease and flow

Gaining clarity and dealing with fears, no matter how big they seem to be

Mastering the Self-Image process so you finally break free from the limitations of your own mind

Proving over and over again that change is possible for anyone that has a deep desire for change

Over 6 decades of studies and scientific research simplified and packed into a simple to follow, step-by-step process.



What if, all that you look for in life can be achieved in the next few months?



Because you have got that far, I have a feeling that all I wrote really resonates with you.

And I have a feeling that you want to experience more.

That is why, I would like to invite you for a FREE Strategy Session.

During the call, I will help you to...


in your dreams and your goals


what is really holding you back


how can we help you to achieve your goals


the transformation that will change the course of your life... FOREVER!



Results always tell the truth about what goes on in your mind.



We live in very interesting times right now.

We have an access to so much knowledge, we enrol into courses and programs with promises to improve our results.

Yet, we are not satisfied with our results.

That is why I am on a mission to change that.

I'm sure you will agree with me, that if you change how you feel about yourself, and how you do everything in your life, your results will drastically improve.

And if you are like me, you want to experience growth in all areas of your life. 

Feeling happy about how you spend your days, doing for a living what you absolutely love to, feeling absolutely amazing about yourself, having peace of mind that you are in control over your life...

Justyna went from playing a victim mentality and not experiencing any personal and financial growth for years to becoming a confident action-taker who became a second house owner and a business owner with significant financial gains. She has also transformed her struggling marriage into an empowered and successful relationship.

Daiva went from being lost, burned out, and not valuing herself as a business owner to becoming a confident and self-valued entrepreneur, accepting her worth, increasing her income by 25% while working less, and loving herself unconditionally.

Shirley went from being unfulfilled and dissatisfied with her businesses and financial results, to getting clarity in life, build a legacy business that has over 250 members in a short few months, and has turned over $250,000 since the end of November.

Are you ready to experience the life you were designed to live?



Let me ask you a question:

✔ How your life would look like in the next 6 months time if you give me your hand and I take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and massive personal growth?

✔ How your results would improve if you start believing in yourself a lot more, you have an encouraging dialog inside your mind, you have clarity about where you are going in life and you know exactly what to do each day?

✔ How would your life be different if your relationships would be filled with love, peace, and passion?

✔ How would your Business, Career and Income look like if you get clear on the vision of where you are going and let your intuition lead you to create the results that you desire?

✔ What would it mean to you if you could step into Greatness and experience the life of your dreams?



The truth is, that whatever your heart desires, whatever you would love to achieve in life...

You can have it!

This is what I do with all my gorgeous ladies every day.

And we are all happy to welcome you in our powerful community of like-minded women, ready to experience LIFE.



Life is Short

isn't it worth going after what you truly want?



It's time to stop googling your way up.

There is an easier, faster way.

Let's make it happen together.

Don't wait another month, another year to create the LIFE that YOU want!






Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I know it was a bit long and I appreciate your attention. Make sure to book a FREE Strategy Session.

Best wishes,

Sylvia Kornas


Many women are stuck feeling like life isn’t moving in the direction they want it to go. At Seeking Greatness Academy we guide them with a 6-month mentorship program so they gain clarity, belief and support to achieve impossible goals.

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