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Claire went from being a stuck health coach to a motivated and visionary leader by understanding what was holding her back. In 9 months she was able to quadruple her income and impact. She is on the way to turn her annual income into a monthly income!

Justyna went from playing a victim mentality and not experiencing any financial growth for years to becoming a confident action-taker who built a successful coaching business so she could quit her day job. She has also transformed her struggling marriage into an empowered and successful relationship.

Jenny went from being a tired life coach with no direction or understanding of what holds her back from moving forward, to find peace of mind, happiness, and confidence in delivering her program to the market and increasing her income while doing what fulfills her.

Martina went from overthinking and feeling stuck in her business to gaining more clients, creating more impact, introducing multiple streams of income, becoming a published author, and creating a healthy life-work balance, all in a matter of few months.

Alison went from playing safe, restricting her dreams and lack of self-belief to creating a purpose-driven business and having a team that she leads with confidence. She is thriving with creativity, feeling fulfilled and excited about her future.

San went from staying at home mother, with no second or college education, not feeling good enough, to becoming an author of children’s and poetry books, being published in national newspapers, and feeling confident about herself, all in less than a year!

Wendy went from being a public sector employee to running her own health and well-being essential oils business, her customer numbers more than doubled & she achieved Gold rank & leader in just 6mths. Her family relationships greatly benefited from this transformation.

Fiona went from an unfulfilled office worker, commuting to work 4 hours every day to quitting her day job, building her own purpose-driven business, tripling her income, creating multiple streams of income and living a fulfilled life.

Tanya went from feeling guilt every single day from past experiences to having an immense feeling of peace, serenity, forgiveness, self-love & self-belief in herself & her Life and now she can teach her children the same.

Cassidy went from working a job and farming to having the confidence to return to self-employment and transforming his farm to full production and be open to new possibilities.

Leonore went from thinking she’d like to do something more with her life to becoming a completely new woman. She’s now on the verge of launching her coaching business, loves herself completely and her confidence and self-esteem are just soaring.

Daiva went from being lost, burned out, and not valuing herself as a business owner to becoming a confident and self-valued entrepreneur, accepting her worth, increasing her income by 25% while working less, and loving herself unconditionally.

Lynn went from uncertainty in life, lack of direction to clarity and certainty of her purpose, all within 3 months. She was able to start a new career as a coach and progress through with confidence.

Shirley went from being unfulfilled and dissatisfied with her businesses and financial results, to getting clarity in life, build a legacy business that has over 300 members in a short few months and has turned over $350,000 since the end of November.


Many women are stuck feeling like life isn’t moving in the direction they want it to go. At Seeking Greatness Academy we guide them with a 6-month mentorship program so they gain clarity, belief and support to achieve impossible goals.

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